About Refco

Refco News Est. December 2017

Hello all and welcome to my new “news” site. Refco News! My name is John and I am a personal finance/investing advocate who decided to take my self proclaimed expertise to the online world. A little bit about me first. I am a 31 year old from San Antonio Texas with a wife and five children(yes you read that right). In today’s world you probably already know that with 5 children it takes a whole lot of patience and skill to conserve and set money away for that day you can finally call it quits at your boring 9 to 5 that you loathe.

Why did I start Refco?

It’s pretty simple, I love reading writing and listening to all things finance. Ever since I was a young child I was inspired by my wealthy grandfather, who never really had a good paying job. How did he become so wealthy? Key decisions in the stock market and living a frugal yet non restraining lifestyle. Listen, we all only live once, so to waste the majority of the best years of your life to stuff money into your bank account isn’t the way to go about things either. That’s not what I am going to be writing about. You can retire early and still live life to it’s fullest in your early 20s and 30s.

What do I plan to write about?

Well, anything and everything that has to do with money. Whether it be economic factors to politics, I will teach you how to buy stocks, trade commodities, dabble in the Forex market and more. All you’ve got to do is stay tuned for the best investing information you’re gonna find the the internet! I hope to look back at this original website 5 years from now and simply say wow at the level I have progressed.


Thank you for finding me, and I hope you find my content useful and meaningful along your investment journey. Neither of ours is over yet, so let’s get started and get through this together!



Refco News CEO